We are a kingdom team of prophetic professionals with a wide range of skills, experience, and expertise. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to connecting with you.

CJ Epperson

2021 Freedom Ambassador

Freedom Ambassador CJ Epperson is a Man of God, Professional Baseball Player, Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, and Business Consultant. He focuses on customer acquisition, retention, teachings startups, and small businesses using technology to streamline processes. CJ is an avid learner of cognitive and behavioral psychology, philosophy, fitness, nutrition, marketing, and sales. He intertwines Biblical Principles into his practices and his core principles for life: God, Grace, Growth, and Grind.

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Helen Gill-Smith

2021 Freedom Ambassador

Freedom Ambassador Helen Gill-Smith is a woman of faith, a retired City Worker, Singer, Son Arranger, Music Director, and Founder of Dare to Heal Ministries. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management and has helped countless ministries and businesses expand with her organizational and creative skills.

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Debbie Renee Howard

2021 Freedom Director

Debbie Renee Howard is a woman of faith, an Executive Pastor, Speaker, Consultant, and Clarity & Transformation Coach. She has an innate ability to empower, inspire, develop and equip men and women to identify areas in their lives that lack purpose, and need healing. She achieves this through God’s Wisdom and her unique gift of insightful communication which provokes clarity and introspection.

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Shavia Johnson

2021 Freedom Executive I

Shavia Johnson is a woman of God, Author, Speaker, Youth Advocate, Restoration Empowerment Coach, and Founder of More than Enough Ministries. She is driven by the desire to see our youth healed and delivered from the effects of pain suppression caused by unresolved childhood trauma. She helps adolescence navigate through the healing process, helping them identify and break down barriers that hold them captive to toxic cycles of bondage.

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Nataushia Miller

2021 Freedom Executive I

Nataushia Miller is a daughter of the King, Author, Freedom Coach, Global Speaker, CEO of Character 4 Life Global, Inc., and Visionary of Freedom from Trauma International. She has helped countless people break through internal barriers such as fear, shame, and internalized oppression due to unhealed trauma. Her life-coaching style offers a unique approach with Biblical Principles and sociological concepts for leaders who desire Healing from Trauma God’s Way.

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