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By Nataushia Miller

Many are crying out to the LORD:

“When, Father God? When are you going to do it for me? I have been faithful in giving, healing, obeying, praying, fasting, believing, expecting, rejoicing when others rejoice, mourning with others mourn, and sowing seeds of faith into my prophetic destiny and those of others. I can’t help but wonder, what about me? When will it be my appointed time, Father God?”

Is the above a lamentation of your heart too?

Listen, if yes, I can relate. Many of us have been worshiping and working while awaiting divine miracles and blessings to materialize in our lives according to the prophetic words Father God spoke over us before the foundations and confirmed through the mouths of his prophetic company here in the earthly realm. And I believe the time is quickly approaching for Father God to fulfill every promise while blowing our minds.

IT IS ON THE WAY! Father God heard our prayers, dried our tears, witnessed our giving, evaluated our living, embraced our worship, accepted our humility in the areas we’re maturing in, and is impressed by our faith in action!


Although we may have grown weary, let us faint not in well doing because our harvest, our due season, is right around the corner! And it is rapidly approaching us with interest!

We haven’t seen anything yet! We’ve only scratched the surface! For no eye has seen, ear heard, nor the human heart conceived what Father God has prepared for us who love him with our whole heart, mind, soul, language, body, and lifestyle!

Let us keep ourselves encouraged and full of expectation by taking another look at the life of Joseph:


To experience rapid compensation right now, you must give your dream(s) to Father God. You must be mindful that God is not only with you but resides in you via the Holy Spirit as your heart believes in Christ Jesus, the Savior and Lord of humanity. Father God gave you your prophetic apostolic kingdom dream(s) that aligns with your purpose for being here in the earthly realm. When you do your part, Father God is faithful and will not allow his word, divine plans for your life in the form of a dream, to return unto him void. Trust Father God to make your dream(s) a reality by focusing on becoming just as Joseph did.

In Genesis 37, we see the greatness God ordained for Joseph’s life, illustrated and confirmed three times. First, we see Joseph’s predestined excellency introduced by FAVOR, which his father, Jacob, aka Israel, bestowed upon him. “Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, and he made him a coat of many colors” vs.3. Quick insert, the feeling of being the family’s black sheep is a position of favor from Father God. There is something significant about you that will break generational cycles of trauma off of your bloodline.

Back to Joseph, the anointing upon his life was reinstated and confirmed by Father God with two dreams. The exciting aspect about Joseph’s dreams is that he did not interpret them (which we will look into later); his brothers and father did – “Are you indeed to reign over us? Shall we indeed come, I and your mother and your brothers, and bow to the ground before you?”

Father God gave Joseph dreams as a glimpse of his divine destiny. Capture, recollect, record, and revisit your destiny glimpses to keep your expectation alive.

We see that Joseph was favored by his fathers (Israel and God) and envied by his brothers. Know that the toxic entanglement of covetousness, jealousy, and envy will arise when Father God places favor over you and has anointed you to stand out from the crowd in preparation for your destiny. It comes with the favored territory; Father God uses it to develop your character.

Furthermore, misconceptions of who you are may also occur (remember that Father God will vindicate you, there is no need to defend yourself). Family and friends may look at you like, “Who do you think you are? Why are you trying to be different, like you’re better than us? We are from the same family or region; you ain’t nobody special.” THE ENEMY IS A LIAR!

When we continue to read through Joseph’s life, we see that his dreams were not spoken of again—only their materialization!


When we look at the second half of Genesis 37, we see an assault against Joseph’s dreams of divine destiny. Isn’t it ironic? In obedience to his father, Israel, Joseph ended up in a pit before his jealous brothers sold him. Have you ever felt that your circumstances or conditions worsened due to obeying Father God?

But look at Father God in action, “here comes this dreamer. Come now let us kill him and throw him into one of the pits” vs. 18 & 19. Although the enemy seeks to steal, kill, and destroy us, our dream(s), and the kingdom purposes we carry, the power of Father God to preserve us is far greater. Ultimately, you win because Father God seeks to sustain what he has ordained for your life (when you do your part), “let us not take his life, come let us sell him to the Ishmaelites” vs. 21-28.

You may come across pitfall seasons, but GLORY TO GOD, you are not dead; there is still time, as there is an appointed time for your God-given dream(s) to become a reality!

Joseph was separated, not destroyed, so his dream(s) would live!

Overall, we see that Joseph was betrayed by his jealous brothers and taken away to a foreign land. In other words, Joseph experienced separation from his family, hometown, his place of familiarity. No matter how you find yourself outside your comfort zone, it would be best to realize that your God-given dream(s) is TOO BIG TO FIT in the place of the familiar.


When removed from your external spaces, places, and relationships of safety, security, and stability, you cannot help but look to God, the Holy Spirit, who resides within for access to the face of Father God for clarity of purpose, vision, and direction. He is the only one with the answers and solutions to your internal and external bewilderment. Father God alone can reveal the details of your divine destiny, so you must embrace the seasons of separation to hear from Father God to reach, activate, and release your divine potential for greatness—as did Joseph!



To desire and to believe are two different things. One may desire a forte but not necessarily believe they will obtain it. However, per Father God, perhaps desire is the same as believing because desire reveals hope within the depths of the heart.

For example, since childhood, I have possessed a desire for marriage. Yet, as life went on, I ceased to believe in the fulfillment of it becoming a reality for me, always believing for others, although it remained deep within my heart. Until one night, I kept it real with Father God sharing that I desired marriage, petitioning that Father God either fulfills it or removes it so I could move forward in my prophetic purpose for being in life. A year or so later, I met my husband, and I officially became his wife a year later.

With my personal story in mind, perhaps a God-given desire is the same as a Divine-given dream. Our faith moves Father God; perhaps our faith is simply the act of our heart withholding a God-given desire and dream until it becomes a reality.

What say you? What are your thoughts on the concept? And how can you pull tools from this article to prepare, position, and posture yourself for RIGHT NOW, RAPID RECOMPENSE?


My prayer for us all is that Father God will enhance our spiritual ears to hear from him. Let us go when he says “go,” speak when he says “speak,” and listen when he says “listen.” Just as the LORD spoke to me and said, “Go get an oil change’” the morning I met my husband. I pray that we will go when God says “go,” even when we do not feel like it, so that we may be where God wants us to be at the appointed time of our Divine Destiny. Hallelujah! I thank Father God in advance for materializing our God-given desires and dreams. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

God-given desires and dreams are a glimpse of our divine destiny! In this season, let us put a demand on the Word of God so that our desires and dream(s) can become a reality at the appointed time—in due season! It is on the horizon; can you not perceive it!?

Your Freedom Coach, Nataushia Miller, lives her best life after trauma while helping others do the same! She has established structured curriculum-based courses and programs that facilitate Soul Trauma Recovery with Prophetic Trauma-Informed Care that equips adult learners to cultivate a freedom-from-trauma lifestyle! If you’re ready to invest in becoming your best self to live your best life amid and after trauma, reach out to your Freedom Coach, Nataushia Miller, today!

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