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Repentance is Key

By Nataushia Miller

Repentance is key for the continual increase in every area of our lives. To understand the value of repentance, we must know the word’s definition.

Repent is an action word. It is a verb to feel such sorrow for sin or fault as to be disposed to change one’s life for the better; to feel sorry for, regret, and remember or regard with self-reproach or contrition. As believers, we must repent daily to cultivate a lifestyle of repentance.

Repentance is a noun. It is a state of being, mindset, and philosophical idea that is deep sorrow or remorse for a past sin, wrongdoing, or the like, regret any recent action. Repentance is a state of being for the believer. It is ongoing; repentance is a lifestyle. It is not only sorrow and remorse for our past but also our present by inquiring Father God about what He is calling us to turn from now to transform for the sake of our prophetic purposes and future.

When we embrace repentance as a state of being and a lifestyle, it keeps the gates of heaven open over our lives! Repentance is key for the following:

Intimacy with God. Everything in our lives begins and ends with our relationship with Father God or the lack thereof. Father God will not despise us when we’re remorseful. He has given us the Holy Spirit as a helper who will help us follow through with our repentance when we partner with Him. Repentance results from humility and is the antidote to pride, a trauma response. Humility occurs when we realize that we need a relationship with Father God just because of who He is far more than what He has, can, or will do.

Repentance is key to developing an intimate relationship with God based upon who God is rather than what He can do for you.

Biblical References. Ps. 51:17 & 139:23-24 | 2 Chron. 7:14 | Heb. 11:6

Soul Prosperity. Although the heart is deceitfully wicked when we come to the knowledge of our error due to suppressed pain and unhealed trauma and respond with repentance, it accelerates the inner healing and deliverance process that prospers our soul. The realms of our souls consist of our emotions, mind, and will (habits/behavior patterns), and a healthy soul is in alignment with the character of Father God, the mindset of Christ Jesus, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Repentance positions you to decrease self for the Holy Spirit to increase residency within you.

Repentance is key to both the prosperity of your soul and the works of your hands because it exemplifies your humility and willingness to learn, transform, and mature.

Biblical References. John 1:19-28; 3:30; 10:10 & 14:26 | 2 John 1:2

The Excellence of Character. Our personality traits come without repentance; however, our reputable character is a byproduct of our growth development and transformation process. In 1 Corinthians 13, a famous description of love illustrates outstanding character. And if God is love and those that abide in love abide in God means that our excellence of character begins and ends with our oneness relationship with Father God. Repentance is a form of humility that transforms you into the likeness and godliness of Christ Jesus and the excellency of Father God. Daniel lived a lifestyle of humility before God.

Repentance is key to embodying the excellence of character that causes you to always shine in your authenticity unapologetically.

Biblical References. Daniel 2:20-23 & 6:3 | Philippians 4:4-8 | 1 John 4:7-21

Healthy Relationships (iron-sharpen-iron). As human beings, love and connection coupled with acceptance and belonging is our primary need. First, we must allow our oneness relationship with Father God, and then we can establish transformative oneness relationships with one another as the Body of Christ. As members of the same Body sharing attributes of the same Holy Spirit, we complement and complete one another with our authenticity, talents, gifts, and strengths. Repentance develops accountability and expands our capacity to exercise our spiritual gifts for the advancement of the kingdom and the betterment of one another.

Repentance is key to developing, cultivating, and maintaining healthy transformative relationships in every area of our lives.

Biblical References. James 5:15-16 | Prov. 27:17 | 1 Cor. 14:12

Purpose Success. It doesn’t matter if any of us entered the earth realm; the truth is that we all have a prophetic purpose for being here. Father God knew you before the foundations of the world before He placed you in your mother’s womb. You are a prophetic word that shall not return unto Father God void but will complete every assignment He has for your life in Jesus’ name! For these reasons, your prophetic purpose, position, and posture as an influencer must be anchored in and in alignment with our Father’s business to win souls and make disciples according to the Kingdom. Ongoing repentance sets the stage for God to enlarge your territory as an influencer for the advancement of God’s kingdom. The Book of Nehemiah illustrates how we must first repent before pursuing success and how repentance maintains success.

Repentance is key to guiding others to repentance only if you live a lifestyle of repentance yourself; it’s okay to repent daily.

Biblical References. Nehemiah 1 & 4:6 | Jer. 17:9 | Prov. 11:30 | Matt. 28:18:20 | Rom. 12:1 | 2 Peter 3:9

Ultimately, we must remember that repentance is the heart of God (2 Pet. 3:9), it is how we position ourselves to do “greater works” as Jesus commissioned (John 14:12), and it empowers us to walk in our God-given authority (Matt. 10:1). Ongoing repentance is key for us to press into higher dimensions in God (2 Cor. 3:17-18) –that Glory-to-Glory Kingdom Living Lifestyle!!!

Repentance is key to living free from trauma! Are you ready to utilize this key in your life today?

Nataushia Miller is an Author, Educator, Freedom Coach, and Expert Curriculum Developer of a trauma-informed approach that intersects sociocultural perspective. She has extensive experience facilitating, teaching, coaching, and training adults in trauma as a human condition specializing in soul trauma recovery that increases emotional intelligence and mental serenity. She established structured curriculum-based programs to support adult learners in Healing from Trauma God’s Way.

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