Growth & Development


By Nataushia Miller Many are crying out to the LORD: “When, Father God? When are you going to do it for me? I have been faithful in giving, healing, obeying, praying, fasting, believing, expecting, rejoicing when others rejoice, mourning with others mourn, and sowing seeds of faith into my prophetic destiny and those of others.… Continue reading RIGHT NOW, RAPID RECOMPENSE!


I Was Not Ready!

To RECOVER IT ALL, you must engage the inner healing process by revisiting past traumas to rewrite your internal narrative. The "RECOVER IT ALL Freedom from Trauma Experience" teaches participants how to use journaling as a technique to heal from traumas of the past, present, and future. They walk away with step-by-step processes, unpack their pain, unlock their potential, and unleash their authentic purpose to thrive daily, and here is a testimony from an RIA Alum.

Purifying the Altar of the Heart

For the Love of Loyalty

How can we love the LORD with our whole heart, mind, and soul if we are more faithful to our careers than our God-given purpose for being? Come along on a journey of self-reflection, redirection, and transformation with Author Johna Renee Hill. You will learn how to relinquish self-preservation to realign your whole soul, mind, and heart with the LORD WHOM IS YOUR FIRST LOVE!